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With over 38 years helping people with energy , comfort, moisture and air quality in their home, we possess the experience , knowledge, credibility and the accountability that reassures our customers that their energy assessment needs are met. Our strength is the application of building science theory, environmental responsibility and public policy into the real world problems of new and existing homes.

Who We Are:

A Provider of Turn-Key Solutions for the issues discovered in your home energy audit. The management team at TexEnergy Solutions is dedicated to identifying the energy, comfort and/or air quality problems in your home. Our "Turn-Key Solutions" will present options with scope of work and prioritized action items, thus allowing you to make educated, intelligent choices about what's important to you and when you can fix your home.
  • Specialists in home energy audits and improvements that are guaranteed to reduce energy bills and increase your comfort.
  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialists (IAQ)
  • The leading provider of Energy Star Home services in the nations' leading Energy Star Market. We have certified over 16,000 homes in the Texas area since 2002
  • Yearly recipients of the EPA:

Energy Star Outstanding Achievement Award 2004

Energy Star Outstanding Achievement Award 2005

  • Our sister company is an award winning heating and air conditioning company that has installed over 200,000 HVAC systems in homes , apartments and small commercial buildings since 1966.
  • Our staff consists of: Residential Energy Consultants, Building Scientists, Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters & Trainers, HVAC Technicians and AC & Energy Engineers with vast years of experience in energy delivery, new home construction, retrofit, remodel and residential energy conservation products and services.
Our customers:
  • Home Owners concerned with high energy bills.
  • Home Owners considering remodeling (i.e. window & door replacement, new roofing or siding, air conditioning service, modification, and/or replacement or other property changes that might effect energy consumption)
  • Home Owners faced with comfort and/or indoor air quality (I.A.Q.) issues (i.e. mold, humidity, heavy particulates, V.O.C.’s and carbon monoxide just to name a few)
  • Home Owners wanting to upgrade their home to current Energy Star requirements
  • Home Owners selling their home
  • Buyers of existing homes
  • Utilities participating in load reduction programs such as the EPA's Energy Star New Homes Programs.
  • Builders, Homeowners and Local government development offices needing third party energy code inspections
  • Custom Home Builders needing expert building science guidance
  • Production Home Builders needing systematic cost benefit analysis, consultation and timely field response
  • Realtors needing to provide information and assurance about the energy performance of a home to buyers and sellers
  • Buyers and lenders wanting to utilize the Texas Veterans Land Board program.

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