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Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

Guaranteed to identify the problems in your home

You can’t fix what you can't see. Our Comprehensive Energy Audit will locate the problems in your home that are causing high bills and/or homeowner discomfort and we can quantify their impact on your overall energy consumption.

TexEnergy uses a variety of processes and techniques to determine the energy performance of your home. Our raters examine the exterior of your home to collect specific construction and design information. An interior room-by-room analysis is performed to capture information pertinent to understanding current home performance and evaluate options for improvement. We encourage you to walk through your home with our raters, participate in the audit and ask questions.

Diagnostic Testing
Our Home Energy Raters perform advanced diagnostic tests to pinpoint and quantify energy waste, comfort and indoor air quality (I.A.Q.) issues. These tests include, but are not limited to: Blower Door (home tightness testing), Duct Blaster (duct efficiency testing), air quality monitoring (Air Advice) and other tests that help determine the location, nature and causes of these problems.

We go into great detail documenting the characteristics of your home, so that our analyst will have comprehensive information available for analysis. Below we have provided additional information about our testing and analysis process.

Home Tightness Test (Blower Door)
A Blower Door Test determines the air infiltration rate of air entering or leaving the building. There are several reasons for establishing the proper building tightness. An appropriately sealed home will:

• Reduce energy consumption due to air leakage
• Diminish potential condensation problems
• Avoid discomfort caused by air leaking in from the outside
• Verify that indoor air quality is not overly contaminated

Duct Efficiency Test (Duct Blaster)
A Duct Efficiency Test is performed utilizing a Duct Blaster. This device is used in conjunction with a blower door and can accurately measure the tightness of the duct system. Duct leakage is directly related to energy waste. The EPA states, “Typical duct systems lose 25% to 40% of the heating and cooling energy put out by the central furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner”. See EPA publication (DOE/EEO109) for additional information. With the knowledge we have today, a properly sealed duct system should have no more than 10% leakage.
Air Advice (Indoor Air Quality Monitoring)
When home occupants have sensitive needs; people with circulatory, respiratory or other health concerns, pregnant women, the elderly and children an Air Advice tm monitor is used to track and quantify particulate matter, odors and chemicals, carbon monoxide (CO), relative humidity and temperature levels in your home. This information will assist your Project Manager in the design of systematic solutions and options that best meet your family’s needs.
Home Energy Performance Modeling
Performance modeling for an existing home requires comprehensive data collection to provide information needed to generate the current performance of your home. This baseline is used to quantify the impact of proposed improvements. Your Project Manager will work closely with the analyst to provide logical and cost effective home improvement options. We use software commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy, REM/Rate, to provide you unbiased verification of our analysis and the estimated benefit of suggested solutions. This ensures that we are able to provide you with the best solutions for improving your home including energy reduction effectiveness as well as estimate the return on your renovation investment.
Homeowner Consultation
Once we have completed our research, your Project Manager will schedule an appointment to discuss your home. We will show you your Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score and review our written report consisting of our findings, recommendations, priorities, cost estimates, and analysis including R.O.I. information. If you choose, we would be delighted to manage any home improvements that you select. For more information on our project management option, please see our Turn-Key Solutions webpage. All cost of your Home Energy Audit can be credited towards future purchases utilizing TexEnergy Turn-Key Solutions. After your improvements have been implemented, we will re-test your home. This “test out” is necessary for validating effectiveness of work performed, and complying with utility rebate program documentation and/or Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) or Energy Improvement Mortgage (EIM) financing requirements.
Turn-Key Services
Your Audit Can Be Free When You Use TexEnergy Turn-Key Solutions!
Before your Audit:
Please, have copies or a summary of your energy bills for the past twelve months available for review. Your electric utility company can provide these for you. At your request we can compile this information for you, all we need is a signed request for historical usage authorization.
Develop a list of all existing problems such as dust, condensation and uncomfortable or drafty rooms. Our auditors use this information to help establish what to look for during the audit and to ensure that we develop solutions to the problems that you find important. We will also provide you with a pre-inspection checklist to assist you in preparing for your audit.
Initial Call
Site Survey
Home Modeling
Site survey will be scheduled within 24 hours. You can expect a 2-14 day lead-time.
The site survey varies based on size of building, the number of HVAC systems and the number of analysts on-site. Expect the survey to run about 3-5 hours in length.
Comprehensive home modeling and solution design and analysis usually takes 2-8 days.
Your follow up consultation meeting should last from 2-4 hours. We suggest that all interested parties be in attendance.
The first step to living in a more comfortable home and saving money on your utility bills is to schedule a energy audit with TexEnergy.

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