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Energy Star Certification
We can help you make decisions that directly impact energy efficiency in your existing home or one that you are planning to build. An Energy Star label will make your home eligible for Energy Efficiency Mortgages (EEMs) as well as other special government financing.
Energy StarÒ Home Certifications - As certified HERS Raters we are authorized by the Department of Energy and the National Mortgage Industry to certify both new and existing homes which are able to score an 86 or higher on the HERS scale.  

Why own an ENERGY STAR home?  

All homeowners and buyers are interested in saving money and owning a more comfortable home. An ENERGY STARÓ certified home is a government endorsement for people: 

  • Seeking the latest energy efficiency technologies in home design
  • Who may have health and safety concerns
  • Who want to reduce home maintenance headaches
  • Who are environmentally conscious
  • Interested in owning a more sustainable home
The Energy Star Home Program was designed to allow flexibility in design and not limit the contractor’s options in utilizing innovative construction technologies.

The Energy Star Home Program begins with a detailed plan review and energy analysis of the home. This analysis is used to determine a Home Energy Rating (HERS) Score. A home meeting the base RES standards receives a score of 80. Energy Star Homes must achieve a HERS rating of 86. On most homes there are five major design factors that affect the HERS rating:

  • Mechanical Equipment Size & Efficiency
  • Duct Leakage
  • Infiltration (construction tightness / air barrier effectiveness)
  • Insulation Levels (thermal barrier, R-value of insulation)
  • Window Performance and Quantity

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TexEnergy New Homes Energy Star certification process flows like this:

Plan Review - A detailed analysis of each plan is conducted to determine the modifications necessary (if needed) to comply with Energy Star guidelines

    Inspection and Testing - Homes are inspected and tested at various stages of construction to insure conformity to design, integrity of workmanship and operational performance. 

    Certification - We maintain and file all required documentation with the EPA and local authorities to ensure that your home has been properly recorded as an Energy Star Home. All homes are labeled and receive a certificate of compliance.

    Ongoing Customer Service. - TexEnergy Solutions provides consultation to builders and homeowners long after the home is complete, assisting with home improvement and energy questions.

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Existing Homes Retrofit to achieve Energy Star certification process:

Site Visit – Prior to a plan review an on-site home site visit is needed to obtain the proper information needed to design the home utilizing REM/Ratetm software.  

    Consultation – Once we have performed an on-site visit and modeled your home in our computer, a meeting is scheduled to review the findings and to discuss energy saving improvement options. Furthermore, the economic impact of these options will be analyzed and discussed, resulting in an action plan moving forward with the project. 

    Home Improvements – Finally we oversee and manage all prescribed energy saving home improvements and contractors’ performance until project completion. Upon completion we will verify the quality and effectiveness of these projects prior to approval for payment. 

    Followed up with verification inspection, testing, certification and ongoing customer service.

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The first step to living in a more comfortable home and saving money on your utility bills is to schedule an Energy Audit with TexEnergy, so what are you waiting for?
Turn-Key Services
Your Energy Audit can be FREE, when you take advantage of our offer. If you choose, we would be delighted to manage any home improvements that we recommend. For more information on our project management option, please see our Turn-Key Solutions webpage. All cost of your Home Energy Audit can be credited towards future purchases utilizing TexEnergy Turn-Key Solutions.

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