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Why Energy Audit?
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TurnKey Solutions for


Do you have high-energy bills?

... allergies or asthma symptoms?
... an uncomfortable home?

TexEnergy Turn-Key Solutions is the hassle free answer to your problems! 
Save on your energy bills and save the energy and frustration of dealing with home improvement contractors.
Comprehensive Home Energy Audit:
  • Locates and quantifies energy waste and comfort issues in your home
  • Prioritizes required solutions of these problems
  • Quantifies the energy savings for those solutions
Fulfillment of Work:
  • Obtain competitive bids for scope of work selected
  • Manage the project for you
  • Retest and verify effectiveness of work performed
  • Cerification of energy efficient improvements
Generate the Following Results:
  • Lowered utility bills
  • Increased appraised value of your home
  • Improved comfort level
  • Making intelligent investments on home improvements
  • Breathe cleaner air
  • Certified energy efficient home improvements
  • Environmental responsibility - cleaner air
The EPA states, "The average home pollutes two times as much as the average car." By reducing the wasted energy, controlling the temperature and humidity in your home, you will utilize less total energy to power your home. Less energy usage, results in less energy generated at the power plant. Reduced power generation directly results in dramatic reduction of sulfur, nitrous oxides and carbon emissions, therby improving the quality of air for all of North Texas.
In Summary:
If these issues are important to you, a comprehensive home energy audit will help you isolate the causes of the inefficiencies, indoor air quality and/or comfort issues at home. We will assist you in obtaining competitive bids and manage the entire process for you! Contact us today so that you can start experiencing lower energy bills and a more comfortable home as soon as possible.



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